Exceptional products backed with comprehensive support.

There’s a clear reason why an Excel machine outperforms the competition by a wide margin. Simply put, digital air machines are all we do.
This total focus on advanced-tech air inflation is matched by an equal commitment to comprehensive service and support. The result is a continuum of product excellence, service and support that out distances our competitors — and leads to confident, long-term customer relationships.

In-house manufacturing & maintenance.

The electronic heads for our leading-edge digital air machines are produced expressly for Excel Tire Gauge by our longstanding electronics manufacturing partner in Brazil. To ensure the quality and integrity of these units, Excel performs all assembly and maintenance here in the Northeast. This not only provides our customers with an exceptional level of consistency and assurance. It enables Excel to offer product warranties that far exceed the industry norm.

Live operators, immediate answers & quick turnaround.

An out-of-order sign is bad marketing. Both for Excel and its customers.
Accordingly, Excel maintains a highly knowledgeable in-house team of live-support operators and technicians. This is a stark contrast to the automated phone systems and offshore operators you’ll often encounter with other companies.
The fact is, our technicians can solve many issues remotely. For situations that require onsite support. we pride ourselves on the ability to address these within 48 hours or less. Excel also offers web monitoring capabilities for companies who desire an additional level of monitoring.


All parts, excluding hose and hose chucks, have one year limited warranty from date of purchase (Outside labor is not covered). Excel requires that the customer calls into our Technical Support Dept. to troubleshoot the problem first before shipping any parts back to us under warranty.

Contact Info:

Email: service@exceltiregauge.com
Phone: 401-732-8420
Office hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 4:30 PM (EST)

  • After troubleshooting the problem and warranty is validated, our Technical Support Rep. will issue an RMA # (Return Authorization Code) for the part to be returned.
  • Defective parts should be sent to Excel along with serial number of the machine, installation date, and problem. With a black marker, make sure to write the RMA # on the outside of the box.
  • Once the defective part has been received, a new or repaired part will be sent back free of charge via ground freight. Expedited freight is at an additional cost. Note: Freight cost is not included when shipping the defective part back.
Register your existing machine today and choose between a discount code sent to your email or a 3 month extended warranty!
accurate tire pressure gauge

Are digital tire pressure gauges more accurate?

An accurate tire pressure gauge is indispensable. Monitoring the inflation of your car tires is important for safety and better fuel efficiency.

Unlike analog pressure gauges, digital types are more accurate and easier to read.

Here at Excel Tire Gauge, we supply the most accurate digital air inflation tools. This is why we are known as a top provider of the best digital air filling machines and digital car tire air pressure gauges.

All of our tire gauges are programmed to yield instant readings with little margin of error.

We take the guesswork out of car tire pressure. With the best digital tire pressure gauge, you can drive with confidence.

How do I know if my tire gauge is accurate?

To check the accuracy of your tire gauge, you can have it tested using a master gauge. You can also use another tire gauge to compare the results.

Don’t rely on the tire gauges on gasoline stations as many of them are not calibrated. You should also check the tire pressure when it’s cold as heat inflates the pressure irregularly.

Regular checks will ensure that your gauge will yield on-point readings. It’s also important to replace the battery of the gauge regularly to prevent errors.

Here at Excel Tire Gauge, we guarantee that every digital tire gauge we produce is accurate. We complete rigorous testing to ensure the right reading every time.

We take pride in our exceptional digital gauges, which are backed by years of testing and practical application.

digital air filling machine

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