Excel Tire Gauge Technology

The air machine with a brain

Other commercial air machines are really no more than a compressor in a box. With these units, proper tire inflation is still a hassle — and an inexact science.

Excel digital air machines make inflation easier and more efficient with consistent, quick, and precise automatic calibration. Our advanced-tech calibration head automatically inflates or deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. All the operator needs to do is set the target PSI. There is no need to shut the unit off as it reaches its goal or pre-deflate a tire to create headroom for the unit to work.

Ending over-inflation through advanced calibration

By introducing digital PSI calibration, Excel digital air machines have made inexact, time-consuming manual inflation obsolete. With over 100,000 machines in operation worldwide, Excel machines have quickly become the standard for fast, high-precision air inflation. This explains why we’ve earned the confidence and loyalty of major retailers and distributors such as Sheetz, Cumberland Farms, Discount Tire, Costco and Shell New England.

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