Service FAQ

LCD display is showing “Err 1”.

Electronic Board hardware malfunction – please replace electronic head.

LCD display is showing “Err2”.

Internal solenoid valve malfunction – please replace electronic head.

LCD display is showing “Err 3”.

Reset and activate the unit – without connecting the chuck to the air machine, the LCD display should read 32/0 for the entire vending time. If this is not the case, please replace the electronic head.

Air machine takes too long to inflate a tire or generates an “Err3” while inflation is in process.

The air machine is not generating enough air pressure and flow to inflate the tire to the desired pressure. Please check for the following:

  • Air leak due to bad chuck, coil hose, faulty check valve or electronic head pressure sensor tube.
  • A bad electronic pressure relief valve.
  • Bad input hoses, compressor fittings, mechanical relief valve (machines after March 2013) or inline filter (machines prior 2011).
  • Bad Electronic head, solenoid valve or electronic board.
  • Bad compressor filter or weak compressor.

LCD display is showing “Err4”

If the LCD display is showing “Err 4”, the pressure sensor is drifting – please replace electronic head.

LCD display is showing “Err7 / chuc”.

Might be an open ended chuck, defective or wrong chuck, replace chuck.

LCD display is showing “Err8”.

Sensor malfunction – please reset the unit. If problem persist, replace the electronic head.

LCD display is showing “Err 13”.

Coin acceptor is jammed or coin switch is damaged. Clear coin jam or replace coin switch or coin acceptor.

Air machine does not beep and deducts the value amount when coins are inserted into the air machine

Check buzzer wire connections on the electronic board points 1 and 2. If wiring connections are good, replace the buzzer inside of the electronic head.

Units take more coins than the vending value shown on the screen.

Run quarters through the machine multiple times.

  • If the unit misses one coin, replace the coin acceptor switch.

The LCD display on the unit is Blank.

  • Check the store breaker to make sure it is on
  • Check the air machine’s breaker within the unit to make sure it is on
  • Check power connections into the breaker from power source and from the breaker to the unit.
  • If problem persist, contact our tech support.

LCD display is blank although LED lights inside of the electronic head are on.

The microprocessor is frozen – normally due to an electrical surge or short.


  • The unit needs to be reset. Power down the air machine, wait 30 seconds and then power up the unit.
  • If the problem persists, replace the electronic head.

Unit is deflating tires.

  • Make sure the pressure in the tire is not less than the set pressure (this is a common mistake with first-time users).
  • If this is not the case, please check the output connections for leaks. The output hose consist of:
    • Chuck
    • Coil hose
    • Elbow connection for coil hose
    • Blue standard ¼” hose from head unit to Elbow connection

Note: The best way to check for an output leak is to turn the unit off and connect the chuck to a fully inflated tire. If there is a leak, you should be able to hear air escaping.

If problem persist, contact Excel Tech Support.

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