Sales FAQ

How long from invoice to installation?

Going from invoice to installation typically takes about 10 business days but it would depend on the number of units you need and where you are located.

Do you install or do I need to hire someone to do that?

In certain parts of the country, we can assist with the install. In other parts, you would need to arrange your own install.

What do I do if I have an existing contract with a competitor of Excel Tire?

Reach out to an Excel Tire sales rep and we can work through this with you. Contact us at 401-732-8420

Do you have local service?

We have local service in certain parts of the country. If you reach out to us at 401-732-8420, we can confirm whether or not we have local service in your area.

Who do I call if I have service issues?

The first person to call would be your account rep and then the office for tech support.

Do I have to buy the equipment? If not, what are my options?

We offer revenue sharing options in some parts of the country and the ability to lease as well as buy.

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