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See You At The FPMA Sunshine Expo

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We regret to inform you that the FPMA Sunshine Expo has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

While we may not be able to interact face to face at this show as we had planned, we would love an opportunity to network and speak with any current or potential customers virtually or over the phone.

You can click here if you would like to get in touch with us: 

Our team is getting ready to visit the Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida from Monday, July 20 to Wednesday, July 22 for the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association’s 2020 Sunshine Expo and Conference. If you’re coming to the show, we would love a chance to meet with you and learn more about your convenience store or gas station. Please contact us if you would like to set up a meeting or stop by booth 518.

We’re looking forward to this event after missing out on three months of trade shows due to the COVID-19 crisis and we can’t wait to get back to networking with the passionate and dedicated professionals that will be at this show. This event is regarded as “Florida’s #1 Conference and Tradeshow for food, fuel, C-store, grocery, and beverage retailing.” With over 250 booths and education sessions displaying the latest in industry technology, products, and services we’re sure this is going to be a great event. On top of all that, the stunning Gaylord Palms Resort will be sure to make for a great atmosphere.

The Sunshine Expo is sponsored by some big names in the fuel industry including Motiva, Valero, Citgo, Federated Insurance, and Marathon. Education sessions include important and timely topics such as Pandemic & Food Safety, HR Role during the Pandemic, C-Store Operations during a Pandemic, and a Lessons Learned Panel.

Because there is still some concern over the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be sure to follow the show’s safety guidelines while watching out for the safety of our team and the safety of others. However, we are looking forward to meeting with new potential customers and catching up with old friends. 

A New SOP for Tire Shops During and After the COVID-19 Crisis

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As states and regions continue the slow process of reopening after the start of the COVID-19 crisis, many consumers are doing their best to avoid any unnecessary contact with other people in hopes of continuing to slow the spread of coronavirus. In a world where some people are postponing medical appointments to avoid these social interactions, how are tire shops supposed to increase their traffic? That’s where self-service air machines can help.

For tire shops, the practice of offering free air pressure checks has been an important part of the marketing process. This strategy provides customers with a free service while allowing tire technicians to inflate and evaluate the customers’ tires. Should the technicians notice any issues, it gives them a chance to sell new tires or services.

The problem with this is that it typically requires customers to park, go into a waiting room, and speak to a mechanic or technician. In our current environment, many customers are anxious about unnecessary human interaction and are likely to avoid setting foot inside the shop if they don’t have to.

“As an industry, we need to think about what we can do to adjust to how people want things done,” Roger Audette, Director of Sales and Marketing at Excel Tire Gauge says.

Lately, it seems that ‘how people want things done’ is with as little social interaction as possible. That’s why tire shops need to allow customers to limit human contact by providing them with a contact-less option for service. To do that, more tire shops need to provide customers with access to free self-service digital air machines.

The use of self-service air machines like the SC05 Classic Series allows customers to do things like check their tire pressure and inflate their tires quickly, easily, accurately, and most importantly… on their own.

Should the customers notice any damage or other problems with their tires, they will luckily be right in front of a tire shop, giving the shop the same opportunity to sell tires or services as they would with a more manual process.

This system provides both customers and tire shops with the same opportunity in a way that is notably safer. After all, COVID-19 does not spread easily from contact with surfaces, but it does spread easily between people according to the CDC.

Whether customers are COVID-concerned or not, using self-service machines to provide free air has proven to be just as effective as a marketing tactic. Wendel Burt, President & Owner of Burt Brothers Tire & Service Inc., explained the benefits in a recent Google Review of Excel Tire Gauge.

“We love our machines almost as much as our customers,” Burt wrote. “We do free air and people are loving it. Most places here charge. We have picked up a lot of new customers and tire sales from them. Our associates keep an eye out and assist and tell customers that we fix flats for free if this becomes a daily issue and customers love that too. It’s one of the best ways to advertise our business.”

If you are interested in learning more about the digital air machines that can help tire shops continue to improve their bottom line, click here!

If you would like to contact a sales representative for a no-obligation consultation, click here or email us at

Top 10 Tire Safety Tips

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May 18-24 is National Tire Safety Week! When drivers think of the most important safety features in their car, they may think of seat belts and airbags, but safety truly starts where the rubber meets the road. That’s why we put together this list of 10 helpful tips to keep you safe when you’re out on the road.

10. Don’t overload your tires.

Packing too much weight into your vehicle can create excessive heat inside your tires which can stress or damage them. This can drastically shorten the life of your tire and possibly lead to a blowout. Make sure you are following the manufacturer’s load recommendation which can be found in the vehicle information placard inside your driver’s side door post or in your owner’s manual.

9. Know when your tires need to be rotated and make sure you follow through with it.

Rotating your tires can go a long way in ensuring that your tires wear evenly which can help them last longer and prevent blowouts. A typical tire rotation involves moving the front tires to the rear of your vehicle and vice versa. In most cases, this is recommended for every 5,000-7,500 miles. However, there are some exceptions. Make sure you check your owner’s manual to make sure you are following the recommended guidelines for your vehicle.

8. Know how old your tires are

This tip does not just refer to the mileage on your tires, but when they were made. It is required by law that manufacturers include a data code on the lower sidewall of every tire they make. The last four digits on that code indicate when the tire was made. For example, if the last four digits are 2516, that tire was manufactured in the 25th week of 2016.

If you can’t seem to find that code, it is likely on the inboard side of your tire. While this might make it difficult to check, it is still important to know as some manufacturers recommend replacing tires every 6 years – even if the treads look brand new! Consumer Reports recommends changing them every 10 years no matter what.

7. Make sure you have the right tires when winter rolls around

In 45-degree (F) temperatures and lower, all-season tires can start to stiffen and lose their grip. Winter tires will remain flexible in these conditions which can deliver a 25-50% increase in traction over all-season tires. That could be just the margin you need to prevent a serious accident, especially in slippery conditions.

6. Listen to what your tread wear is trying to tell you.

If your tires could talk, what do you think they would say? As it turns out, your tires can say quite a lot about your vehicle based on their wear patterns. If your treads are significantly more worn out in the center than on the sides, you are likely overinflating your tires. If your treads are more worn on the outsides, it signals that your tires have been underinflated. If you notice your tires are wearing out faster on one side or the other, or if the tire wear is sporadic, something may be wrong with your alignment or suspension.

Any time that your tires show signs of uneven wear, it simply means that your tire is not distributing weight evenly on the road which can lead to increased wear, shorter tire life, loss of traction, and poor gas mileage.

5. Check your sidewalls for damage.

Check your sidewalls often for any bumps, cuts, bulges, cracks, or other abnormalities. These are often a sign of weakness in the tire created by a bump into a curb, pothole, or other roadside hazards. If you see any sign of damage, you need to replace the tire as heat and friction from driving could lead to a blowout while you’re on the road.

4. Don’t neglect your spare.

It’s easy for drivers to inspect the tires that are on their vehicles and forget to check on their spare. Make sure you check your spare each month to make sure it is a safe option if you need to use it. It can be very dangerous to use a spare that is unsafe for the road.

3. Know when it’s time for new tires

In the U.S. and many other parts of the world, tires are considered to be worn out when their tread depth is worn down to 2/32″. U.S. law requires manufacturers to include easily-visible indicator bars that run from one side of a tread-design to the other. For added grip in slippery conditions, Tire Rack recommends that drivers replace their tires at 4/32″ of remaining tread.

2. Watch out for these signs that a flat may be coming.

In a best-case scenario, a flat tire can be an inconvenience. At worst, it can be dangerous. That’s why it helps to know the signs that a flat tire could be coming before it happens. If you notice low pressure that continues despite attempts to inflate your tire, damage to the sidewalls, bulges in your tire, or excessive vibration while driving, you should consult a mechanic or tire shop.

1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated!

Proper tire inflation provides better grip, longer tire life, and even better gas mileage. Both underinflating and overinflating your tire can lead to a loss of traction or total failure of the tire. Be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations which you can find on the sticker on the inside of your driver-side door jamb or in your owner’s manual to make sure you’re inflating your tires to the correct psi.

We recommend checking your tire pressure at least once each month as well as before and after long trips. Keep in mind that a number of factors can contribute to a change in tire pressure, including temperature!

We’re Offering a 20% Discount for Replacement Parts

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While many are being asked to stay home, healthcare personnel, first responders, delivery drivers, construction workers, and many others are still on the front lines, doing their best to keep us safe, healthy, fed, and well-supplied. Many of our customers also fit into this group of people who are essential to keeping our society running as close to normal as possible.

As members of the community, we are ready to support the people that sacrifice their own safety for ours. That’s why we’re offering a 20% discount on the price of retail parts for all of our products starting now through May 1, 2020.

While it’s not a cure, we want to do what we can to help. The men and women dedicating their lives to protect us during this crisis need reliable transportation now more than ever. With all that’s on their minds during the workday, the last thing they should worry about is not having a reliable air machine to fill up their tires at a gas station or tire shop.

We also understand that this may be a time of financial hardship for many of the businesses we serve. If price is currently standing in the way of repairing your business’s air machines, we hope that this helps.

Now is the most important time for repairs. With fewer drivers on the road, the demand for gasoline, vehicle maintenance, rental cars, or new vehicles may not be as high, but that won’t be the case forever. When this outbreak has passed and regulations are relaxed, we’re sure the first thing many Americans will want to do is go for a road trip. When the time comes, it will be important to make the most out of the spike in business.

We hope that day comes soon and that our entire community remains safe and healthy in the meantime.

Please click this link and fill out a contact form or contact your sales representative to receive your discount.

Moving Forward as the World Battles COVID-19

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As the United States and the world are taking precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking similar measures to keep our team healthy and to do our part in keeping the public safe. While we continue to monitor the situation, our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by this pandemic.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend any trade shows until June 1 as we have barred our sales team for traveling for the next few months. While we were looking forward to connecting with many of the professionals in the industries we serve, we understand the potential impact and concern over this outbreak.

We also understand that for many of our customers, the show must go on. Many of the businesses in the convenience store, tire shop, fleet, auto rental, and dealership industries are still open and it is our responsibility to serve them. We plan to continue to do just that.

We may not be able to interact face to face at trade shows as we had planned, but we would love an opportunity to speak with any current or potential customers via phone or email.

You can click here if you would like to get in touch with us:

There are currently no expected delays in our building, shipping, and servicing process.

While we plan to continue operating under our regular schedule, we will also follow local government regulations as well as CDC and WHO guidelines for social distancing and sanitation. We are also taking extra precautions to protect our employees who are over 50 or have underlying medical conditions.

While there is a lot of concern over the effects of COVID-19 on public health and the economy, it is our goal to be part of the solution. This is why we plan to continue to serve the businesses that rely on us while taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus.

Stay safe everyone.

For more information about COVID-19, please refer to this guide created by the CDC:

April Events: NETSA, NAFA, and The Virginia Tire Association Show

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We regret to inform you that we will not be attending any trade shows or events from now until June 1 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the interest of keeping our staff and the public safe and healthy, our sales team will not be traveling for the next few months.

While we may not be able to interact face to face at trade shows as we had planned, we would love an opportunity to network and speak with any current or potential customers virtually or over the phone.

You can click here if you would like to get in touch with us:

Stay safe everyone.

2020 NETSA Trade Show & Convention

From April 3-4, we’ll be learning and networking side by side with members of the New England Tire & Service Association at the NETSA Trade Show & Convention hosted by Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.

Since our headquarters are located in Warwick, RI, we’re no strangers to the New England tire & service market. We look forward to sharing our experiences with other New Englanders and discussing how we can help their businesses grow. If you’re attending the show, swing by our booth or contact us to book a meeting.

This is a special event for us, not just because it is so close to home, but because we wholeheartedly support the NETSA’s mission. Established in 1952, the organization benefits the public by supporting independently owned tire dealerships and automotive service centers. We are proud to help support this organization that does so much to help businesses in our own community.

NAFA 2020 Institute & Expo

Just a few days after the NETSA Show, we’ll travel to Indianapolis for the NAFA Institute and Expo. From April 6-8, we’ll be exhibiting at the Indiana Convention Center at booth 535. This event will provide us with a great opportunity to meet and catch up with key decision-makers in the fleet management field while showing them how our products can benefit their fleets.

The NAFA Institute and Expo is the largest show for fleet professionals, bringing in over 1,000 attendees from all over the world. Attendees can expect to learn a lot from over 45 peer-led education sessions while building and strengthening relationships as they network on the 60,000 square-foot show floor.

Contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting at the show!

2020 Virginia Automotive Association Convention & Trade Expo

We’ll wrap up the month of April by meeting some of the passionate shop owners that make up the Virginia Automotive Association at their annual expo. From April 24-26, we’ll be exhibiting at the beautiful Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia.

As new members of the Virginia Automotive Association, we’re excited to meet some fellow members in person and show them what we can do to help their shops. We expect this to be an educational show and a great networking opportunity, but we’re also looking forward to experiencing the amazing amenities that The Homestead has to offer.

If you plan on attending the show, we would love an opportunity to connect with you. Feel free to contact us here to set up a meeting or visit us at our booth.

March Events: Southeast Petro, NECSEMA, & The International Car Rental Show

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We regret to inform you that we will not be attending any trade shows or events from now until June 1 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the interest of keeping our staff and the public safe and healthy, our sales team will not be traveling for the next few months.


While we may not be able to interact face to face at trade shows as we had planned, we would love an opportunity to network and speak with any current or potential customers virtually or over the phone.


You can click here if you would like to get in touch with us:


Stay safe everyone.


Southeast Petro

We’re headed to Myrtle Beach, SC from March 4-5 for the Southeast Petro – Food Marketing Expo! We’ll be exhibiting at booth #2168 at the Myrtle Beach Convention center and we would love to meet with any of the hardworking convenience stores, truck stop, petroleum marketer or car wash professionals who will be in attendance. Please contact us to schedule a meeting if you are interested.

This event is also known as “The Really Big Expo” for good reason. It is the largest regional petroleum and c-store show in the southeast. Last year’s show brought in 1550 buyers from throughout the Southeast along with 450 exhibitors. We’re very excited to be a part of this event which has been a staple of the convenience store industry since 2001.

Attendees of the show can expect a great learning and networking experience. According to, they will get to learn how to increase their profits in key categories while meeting industry decision-makers. This is a great opportunity for attendees to gain a competitive edge through the exchange of ideas while learning about new profit centers, products, services, and other methods of bringing in customers.

We hope to show attendees all of the benefits of installing Excel Tire Gauge air machines at their convenience store locations.


After the Southeast Petro show, we will head back up North for the New England Convenience Store and Energy Marketers Association (NECSEMA) show. The event will take place at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA from March 17-18. If you would like to meet us there, swing by booth #2. We recommend contacting us ahead of time to schedule a meeting if you’re interested.

The show’s “Top to Top” event and “Luck of the Irish Opening Dinner” will start on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. The very next day, the show will host educational sessions and the show floor will open. We can’t wait to meet all of the passionate NECSEMA members and convenience store professionals who will be at the show.

We are proud to support the NECSEMA’s mission of “representing and promoting the interests of the convenience store and transportation fuel industries across New England.” The organization is regarded as the voice of c-store retailers and wholesale energy marketers at the state and local level, operating as partners of the NACS and PMAA on the federal level.

International Car Rental Show

To round out the month of March, we’re going back to Las Vegas for the International Car Rental Show! This exciting event is celebrating its 25th year at Caesars Palace from March 22-24. You can contact us here to schedule a meeting or stop by booth #117 to speak with us.

The International Car Rental Show is where the global car rental industry connects. Attendees will get to hear expert advice on facing rising fleet costs, hiring and motivating workers, sales and marketing tactics, legal and legislative information, business expansion ideas and more.

It is our goal to show attendees what Excel Tire Gauge can do to help their car rental business. We hope attendees will see the benefits of increasing safety and decreasing liability, minimizing the costs associated with tread wear, eliminating the hassle of hose reels, and improving fuel mileage for their customers. We would love to help take any attendees’ car rental business to the next level.

Burt Brothers is Among The Latest Tire Shops To Install Excel Products

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Utah’s own Burt Brothers Tire & Service is among the latest tire shop chains to offer free air to its customers. Just like RNR Tire Express and Mavis Discount Tire, Burt Brothers has turned to Excel Tire Gauge, America’s Leader in Digital Air Inflation, as its digital air machine provider.

The tire shop brand installed its first custom-decaled SC05-SS Classic Series digital air machine in 2019 and owner Wendel Burt is pleased with the results so far.

“I really like the machine and I think it will no doubt be a positive addition to our business,” Burt said. “The machine is working perfectly for us.”

While the SC05s have been running cleanly and efficiently for Burt Brothers, they are also helping the company attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and improve their tire shop efficiency.

“We are excited to work with Burt Brothers in changing the way they help their customers,” said Roger Audette, Director of Sales/Marketing at Excel Tire Gauge. “Burt Brothers joins a growing number of tire shop chains that are trying to capture this new audience of DIY-type drivers. Not only are they excited about adding this valuable service, but they are already benefiting from increased shop efficiency.”

Part of the appeal behind Excel air machines is how easy it is to use them. Excel Tire Gauge’s advanced-tech calibration head may sound complicated by name, but it is really simple for both tire techs and customers to use this technology.

To operate any Excel Tire Gauge product, all the user needs to do is set the target PSI. The machine will automatically inflate the tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. There is no need to pre-deflate the tire or shut the unit off as it reaches its goal.

With the increased number of tire shops offering free air for customers, Excel Tire Gauge is excited to be a part of creating a new SOP (standard operating procedure) in this industry. To Burt Brothers’ benefit, offering this new digital service is likely to increase ROI and traffic to its 12 locations.

More specifically, the decision to provide free air will bring in vehicle-savvy customers who take care of their cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This is the perfect target audience for Burt Brothers’ other services which presents the tire shop with a great opportunity to increase its revenue.

About Burt Brothers Tire & Service
After its founding in 1991 by Wendel & Ron Burt, Burt Brothers Tire & Service has become the leader in automotive services along Utah’s Wasatch Front.

The company is known for having the best, most knowledgeable, and most skilled technicians & team members, and the most up-to-date tools & equipment in the area.

With a commitment to “doing it better,” Burt Brothers offers complete, bumper-to-bumper service, free flat repairs, tire rotations & balancing, expert wheel alignments, and an incredible selection of tires from the best-known brands.

You can learn more about Burt Brothers Tire & Service at

February Events: WPMAEXPO 2020 and the Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show

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We’re looking forward to learning and networking alongside passionate and hardworking professionals at WPMAEXPO 2020 and the Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show in February.


Our team will be in Las Vegas from February 18-20 along with the members of the 8 separate state associations that make up the Western Petroleum Marketers Association. We will be exhibiting at booth 1010 at the Mirage Hotel where we would love an opportunity to meet with anyone who is attending the show. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a meeting.

We expect this to be a great event as there are several educational sessions lined up including “The Future of Fuel and Renewable Fuel Outlook” with Chris Rowland. Rowland is the Chief Economist at Marathon Petroleum and we look forward to hearing some of his expert insights. Adding to the excitement, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan will deliver a keynote speech.

The event is sponsored by fuel industry giants and the companies that serve them like Chevron, Federated Insurance, Sinclair, Marathon, and Shell who serve as the show’s Presidential Sponsors. The list of Premier sponsors also includes some big names such as Pro Petroleum, Valero, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66, the Holly Frontier Corporation, and RacePRO.

Our team is thrilled to be part of such an important event. We look forward to meeting new people while catching up with old friends and acquaintances.

To learn more about WPMAEXPO 2020, visit

2020 Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show

A few days after WPMAEXPO, we will head back to Vegas for the 2020 Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show. We will be at the newly-renovated MGM Hotel from February 23-25, networking with Jiffy Lube partners from all over the U.S. and Canada.

We’re excited to meet up with these dedicated and hard-working partners to help share how our products can help their businesses. If you are attending the event and want to schedule a meeting with us, contact us here. Otherwise, you can stop by and see us at booth 514 at any time during the show.

The event starts with the Pennzoil 400 race on Sunday, February 23 which registered guests are allowed to attend. The trade show itself starts on February 24 and will include breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours.

New Partnership: RNR Tire Express is Teaming up With Excel Tire Gauge

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RNR Tire Express corporate is partnering with Excel Tire Gauge to provide free air to its customers. The national tire retailer installed its first two SC05-SS Classic Series air machines at its Clearwater, Florida location in the Fall of 2019. Our two companies are working together to promote Excel Tire Gauge’s equipment at RNR’s franchise locations.

“We are very excited about this new partnership and excited to be part of a new standard operating procedure in regards to tire pressure maintenance,” said Roger Audette, Director of Sales and Marketing at Excel Tire Gauge.

Installing Excel Tire Gauge digital air machines should prove to be a smart strategic move for RNR. Tire shops that choose Excel products often experience improved customer loyalty as Excel air machines are used 30% more often than the competition’s machines. This is likely because customers appreciate the faster and easier tire filling process that Excel products provide.

RNR Tire Express is adding to this effect by using custom decals on their SC05-SS air machines. This will help customers associate their positive inflation experience with the RNR brand.

Providing customers with digital air machines creates a unique opportunity for tire shops. While providing customers with free air is not as common among the tire shop industry, over 860 million people fill their tires at gas stations each year. Tire shops like RNR who are savvy enough to provide air inflation to customers can tap into this massive audience, bringing more traffic to their stores.

Additionally, some of the customers who stop at tire shops like RNR to inflate their tires are bound to find that one of their tires is damaged, leaking, or otherwise can not hold air. Conveniently, the customer will be able to walk right into the store and schedule a tire change. While this will not be the case for all customers, any opportunity to bring in more traffic is an opportunity to make a sale.

17th Annual RNR Tire Express Franchise Conference and Expo

As part of this partnership, our team will attend RNR Tire Express’s annual franchise meeting at the Airport Renaissance in Tampa on January 19-21. We will have a booth at the show where we will also donate a free SC05-SS air machine to one lucky RNR franchisee!

We are excited to meet with RNR’s franchise partners, operators, and store managers to celebrate the tire retailer’s accomplishments in 2019. We look forward to personally meeting some of the hardworking professionals at RNR and welcoming them into our family of partners. More importantly, we are excited to be a part of RNR’s success through 2020 and beyond.

About RNR Tire Express

RNR Tire Express is a national franchise retailer of quality tires and custom wheels offered with convenient, affordable payment options designed to fit each customer’s unique budget. Established in 2000 as RENT-n-ROLL, RNR has grown to 126 locations in 24 states.

At RNR Tire Express it has never been easier to get the tires and wheels you want. In addition to offering the largest selection of brand name tires and wheels, RNR also provides exceptional customer service and FREE professional installation.

If you are interested in forming a partnership with us, click here.