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Our History

As our current installed base of 150,000 air machines continues to grow rapidly, it would be easy to believe that our worldwide success happened overnight. In reality, our success developed from a superior concept, tireless commitment to keeping production close to home, and the focus to assemble the right combination of people and resources.

After early international success in Europe, Asia, and South America, we introduced Excel digital air machines to the U.S. in 1999. To this day, the multifaceted team that built Excel continues to drive the production, development, and distribution of Excel machines in the U.S. and abroad.

At Excel Tire Gauge, we offer even more than superior technology and production. An unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is what makes us the number one vendor across the United States. We care about your individual business which helps us to develop and nurture successful relationships. That is a big part of why we are so successful today.

How Do I Find the Best Air Pressure Gauge for Car Tires?

As the best rated digital car tire pressure gauge provider, we ensure accuracy and consistency in our products. If you are looking for the best air pressure gauge for tires, here’s what you need to look for?

Accuracy. Our digital air pressure gauges for cars are the most accurate on the market. We undergo intensive testing and quality control.

Type. If you’re looking for air pressure gauges for sale, you can choose stick, digital, or dial type. While all of these works, digital air machine for car tires offer convenience and quick readings. They’re also more resistant to dust and suitable for low-light conditions.

Longevity. A car tire air pressure gauge should last for years. It should be durable, accurate, and reliable in emergency situations.

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Benefits of a tire pressure gauge with the Excel Tire Gauge

Here at Excel Tire Gauge we conduct rigorous research, testing, and quality control on each gauge for guaranteed accuracy.

We are the leader in digital air inflation and one of the most reputable providers of tire gauges. We promote safety among drivers and shop workers with reliable gauges.

Instead of sticking to hard-to-use gauges, we offer a more intuitive and convenient option. We pair it with the best guarantees to protect your investment.

Since 1999, we have delivered quality and topnotch performance on every digital car tire pressure gauge we produce. We are your partner in ensuring every vehicle is road-worthy.

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