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October 2020

The NACS Show Goes Virtual as the NACS Crack the Code Experience

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Video courtesy of NACS

For the first time in its history as the premier trade show in the convenience store industry, the NACS show is going virtual as the NACS Crack the Code Experience which will run from November 2- December 4, 2020.

While the COIVD-19 pandemic is preventing large crowds from gathering, the NACS has adapted with this new experience with “A five-week digital experience and curated marketplace that connect convenience retail buyers and sellers from around the globe!” Guests will be able to register at:

At Excel Tire Gauge, we’re hoping to add to the excitement of the event with exclusive promotions that will only be available at the show.

How it works

Participants will have 24/7 access to 50+ education sessions, hundreds of virtual booths/showrooms, fun virtual networking activities, interactive product showcases, and five spotlight sessions. 

Education sessions will be available via livestream and then streamed again as “encores.” Within a week of the “live” and “encore” sessions, viewers will be able to view recordings of each session any time they like until the end of 2020.

Spotlight Sessions will take a deep dive into major specific topics like Disrupting/Navigating Chaos, World-Class Ideas, Essential Strategies for Essential Businesses, Cultivating a Community Hub, and The Future of the Industry. You can click here to view the full spotlight session schedule.

If you would like to learn more about the event, visit:

How to take advantage of exclusive Excel Tire Gauge promotions

As proud exclusive members of the NACS since 2002, we were sad to hear that the in-person show was canceled this year. However, we’re incredibly excited to network with convenience store professionals and learn more about new industry trends, and how that affects digital air filling machines, through the virtual Crack the Code Experience.

We will be offering exclusive promotions at the show for attendees only! Customers will have to attend the show and visit our virtual booth to find out how they can save big on our products such as care tire air pressure gages, digital air filling machines, etc. You can find our booth by searching “Excel Tire Gauge” in the show’s search bar.

During the show, customers will be able to purchase products air filling machines and accessories from the Excel Tire Gauge Online Store. Members of our sales team will be available online during the show to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have.

Drivers Are Neglecting Vehicle Maintenance During the COVID-19 pandemic – But What Does That Mean For You?

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Hankook Tire’s recent research shows that a lot of drivers are neglecting vehicle maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, more drivers intend to perform their own maintenance moving forward. Here’s how you can turn that into an opportunity to drive sales for your business.

How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting auto service industries

Research from Hankook Tire shows that 48% of Americans have delayed or canceled a vehicle maintenance appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, even more have not been performing routine maintenance like topping off fluids (73%) or regularly using accurate tire pressure gauge (70%).

“It is understandable that with restrictions in place this spring, many did not take their vehicles in for professional maintenance,” said Daniel Brown, Senior Technical Services Specialist, Hankook Tire America Corp. “However, as respondents said they focused less on maintaining their vehicles, this could lead to mechanical problems for many drivers down the road as research shows that Americans plan to drive more in the coming months. While some maintenance can be performed at home, a visit with a professional mechanic is often important to diagnose small issues before they turn into costly repairs.”

While this research may have negative implications for the long-term vehicle health of many drivers and the short-term health of the professional mechanic industry, it also displays a need for providing customers with do-it-yourself options in other automobile service industries – especially when it pertains to things like car tire air pressure gauges.

What does this research mean for your business?

Hankook’s data indicates that many drivers plan to perform their own maintenance moving forward, which will affect tire pressure and air filling habits as well. This provides some businesses with an interesting opportunity.

Research shows that 49% of Americans are now checking their own tire pressures and filling with digital air filling machines, rather than taking their vehicles to a mechanic. This means that gas stations, convenience stores, dealerships, auto rental locations, and tire shops need to provide customers with access to free self-service digital air filling machines.

For many businesses, the practice of offering free accurate tire pressure gauges has been an important part of the marketing process in the past. It provides customers with a free service while allowing technicians and mechanics to evaluate vehicles. Should the technician or mechanic notice any issues, it gives them a chance to sell new tires, parts, or services.

The problem with that strategy is that it typically requires customers to park, go into a waiting room, and speak to a mechanic or technician. In our current environment, many customers are anxious about unnecessary human interaction and are likely to avoid setting foot inside the shop if they don’t have to.

“As an industry, we need to think about what we can do to adjust to how people want things done,” Roger Audette, Director of Sales and Marketing at Excel Tire Gauge says.

The installation and use of self-service digital air filling machines like the SC05, SC09, and SC12, allows businesses to adapt to the new normal and take advantage of the opportunity to sell to the “do-it-yourself” maintenance customers.

For tire shops, this strategy allows customers to service their own vehicles while still positioning the shop to make sales. Should that customer notice issues with their vehicle, while using their own tire air pressure gauge or inflating their tires with digital air machines at gas stations, they will then be able to turn to that business for help.

In the case of gas stations and convenience stores, this works by providing customers with a accurate tire pressure gauge. This would improve foot traffic, provide the opportunity to sell more gas and other goods, and improve customer loyalty. Dealerships and auto rental locations can experience similar benefits as well.

To purchase a self-service digital air filling machine or learn more about our products, visit