Burt Brothers is Among The Latest Tire Shops To Install Excel Products

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Utah’s own Burt Brothers Tire & Service is among the latest tire shop chains to offer free air to its customers. Just like RNR Tire Express and Mavis Discount Tire, Burt Brothers has turned to Excel Tire Gauge, America’s Leader in Digital Air Inflation, as its digital air machine provider.

The tire shop brand installed its first custom-decaled SC05-SS Classic Series digital air machine in 2019 and owner Wendel Burt is pleased with the results so far.

“I really like the machine and I think it will no doubt be a positive addition to our business,” Burt said. “The machine is working perfectly for us.”

While the SC05s have been running cleanly and efficiently for Burt Brothers, they are also helping the company attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and improve their tire shop efficiency.

“We are excited to work with Burt Brothers in changing the way they help their customers,” said Roger Audette, Director of Sales/Marketing at Excel Tire Gauge. “Burt Brothers joins a growing number of tire shop chains that are trying to capture this new audience of DIY-type drivers. Not only are they excited about adding this valuable service, but they are already benefiting from increased shop efficiency.”

Part of the appeal behind Excel air machines is how easy it is to use them. Excel Tire Gauge’s advanced-tech calibration head may sound complicated by name, but it is really simple for both tire techs and customers to use this technology.

To operate any Excel Tire Gauge product, all the user needs to do is set the target PSI. The machine will automatically inflate the tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure. There is no need to pre-deflate the tire or shut the unit off as it reaches its goal.

With the increased number of tire shops offering free air for customers, Excel Tire Gauge is excited to be a part of creating a new SOP (standard operating procedure) in this industry. To Burt Brothers’ benefit, offering this new digital service is likely to increase ROI and traffic to its 12 locations.

More specifically, the decision to provide free air will bring in vehicle-savvy customers who take care of their cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This is the perfect target audience for Burt Brothers’ other services which presents the tire shop with a great opportunity to increase its revenue.

About Burt Brothers Tire & Service
After its founding in 1991 by Wendel & Ron Burt, Burt Brothers Tire & Service has become the leader in automotive services along Utah’s Wasatch Front.

The company is known for having the best, most knowledgeable, and most skilled technicians & team members, and the most up-to-date tools & equipment in the area.

With a commitment to “doing it better,” Burt Brothers offers complete, bumper-to-bumper service, free flat repairs, tire rotations & balancing, expert wheel alignments, and an incredible selection of tires from the best-known brands.

You can learn more about Burt Brothers Tire & Service at burtbrothers.com.

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