Costco relies exclusively on Excel Tire Inflators in all of our 507 US and Canadian Tire Centers. After years of testing and use, we find that the Excel Tire Inflators are both reliable and durable.

Our initial goal was to provide accurate tire pressure to our Members, but we quickly realized that in doing so, the Excel Inflation System actually improved productivity in the tire installation and inflation top off processes. The Excel Tire Inflation System also improved safety for our technicians by allowing them to stay a greater distance from the tire and wheel assembly during the bead seating and inflation process

Robert Moyer Costco Wholesale

This letter is to advise that we at Tasca Ford Lincoln Mercury are very pleased with our purchase of Excel Tire Gauges. We have found, as expected, that they work well in areas such as service, oil lube and maintenance bays. Our desire was for a tool that is accurate, without increasing tire maintenance time. Excel is very accurate and actually decreases our tire maintenance time

Don Belanger Tasca Automotive Group