Why Excel Tire Gauge?

Streamlining operations and your workflow.

For a tire shop, time is money. This is particularly true during peak periods, when any hiccup in the process detracts from both revenue and customer satisfaction. The installation of Excel digital air machines streamlines the inflation process with accuracy. Your tire techs can now make proper inflation part of your Standard Operating Procedure — achieving accuracy within .5 PSI in seconds.

Short-term return on investment.

The installation of Excel digital air machines will pay for itself within a short payback period. The first reason is increased efficiency. Proper tire inflation is now a manual process that eats up valuable time throughout the day. This slows down your workflow during busy times, to the detriment of both profitability and customer satisfaction.

Now think about how much you spend on pen gauges during a single year of operation. We’ll bet you’re constantly replacing them, and it’s adding up to a surprising number. Chances are, the money you save on pen gauges alone — in just a year or two — will pay for the installation of Excel digital air machines.

Increased safety for your technicians.

When you incorporate digital air calibration into your workflow, it increases your employees’ safety. Knowing that the correct air pressure will be delivered into the vehicle’s tires, this standard operating procedure will minimize the risk of accidents due to over-inflation. Your employees will experience a safer work environment, enabling them to concentrate on the task at hand.

Building your brand.

Beyond their dollars-and-sense advantages, Excel digital air machines position your enterprise as an eco-friendly and customer-centric business. One that helps your customers to:

  • Save money daily through the increased gas mileage that results from proper inflation — which in turn leads to decreased carbon emissions
  • Save even more through the increased tire life that comes with a set of well-cared-for tires. Proper care and inflation are also reflected in enhanced driving safety.

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