Why Excel Tire Gauge?

Reduce costs

  • Fuel savings; under inflated tires reducefuel economy by .3% for every 1 PSI.
  • Extend tire life and save money. Tirelife is reduced by 10% for each 10% of under inflation.

Reduce safety hazards

  • An NHTSA study found that under-inflated tires is the leading cause of tire failures and increases the likelihood of a crash by 3x. 85% of vehicles on the road have improper tire pressure.
  • Eliminate the risk of tire over-inflation, which is the leading cause of tire explosions. Neat coil air hose reduces employee trip hazards.

Increase accuracy

  • A tire under or over inflated by 20% can look normal, yet 59% of drivers rely on visual appearance to prompt a pressure check.
  • Eliminate the need for inaccurate hand-held tire gauges, and ensure precise tire pressure calibration each and every time.

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