Why Excel Tire Gauge?

In a business environment that is more competitive than ever, gas stations with high volume and/or convenience stores need new ways to build traffic and customer loyalty, while also promoting repeat business. Excel digital air machines are a proven way to increase air machine usage and drive increases to revenue from existing profit centers.

The installation of an Excel digital air machine lets consumers know you’re willing to go the extra mile in providing value-add services — while helping them save fuel, increase driving safety and reduce toxic emissions through proper tire inflation.

In addition to a brand-building enhancement that pays for itself, experience the benefits to your site and consumers:

  • Increased usage of Excel digital air machines over the competition — typically 30% or more
  • Increased traffic due to consumers becoming more conscious about proper tire inflation
  • Increased usage with consumers looking for a convenient easy in and out method
  • Increased gasoline sales as a direct result of the increased traffic
  • The corollary boost to convenience store sales due to the increased traffic
  • Added branding to separate you from the competition
  • Added customer loyalty

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