Did You Know?

  • The average driver wastes 44 gallons of gasoline a year due to underinflated tires — 2.8 billion gallons nationally. / Southern California
  • Under-inflation is the leading cause of tire failure. Yet, 27% of cars and 32% of vans, pickup trucks and SUVs have at least one tire underinflated. / NHTSA study
  • NHTSA Study finds under-inflated and worn tires increase the likelihood of a crash by 3 times
  • Studies show vehicles with underinflated tires three times more likely to be in an accident
  • 14% of gas stations are either not equipped with air pumps, or have malfunctioning units. Less than half that offer air pumps have tire pressure gauges. / NHTSA study
  • 85% of American drivers do not properly check tire inflation pressure. / Rubber Manufacturers Association survey
  • 75% of drivers wash their cars every month, while only 14% correctly check their tire pressure. / Be Tire Smart campaign • Canada

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