Why Excel Tire Gauge?

For an auto rental facility, the benefits of proper tire inflation are numerous. With the installation of Excel digital air machines, rapid and precise inflation easily becomes standard operating procedure. Instead of addressing at preventive maintenance milestones, it actually becomes part of the vehicle prep process.

A few advantages are:

Increased safety and decreased liability.

Improper inflation is detrimental to effective braking, acceleration and overall handing. Excel digital air machines help minimize the incidence of accidents caused by tire-related issues through consistent and precise calibration. As a result, regular and proper inflation practices can help to reduce overall insurance liability claims — while preventing lawsuits that arise from tire blowouts. These are substantial considerations for any auto rental facility or chain.

Reduced tire costs through minimized tread wear.

Tire replacement is a major cost item in the auto rental industry. Excel digital air machines help get the most life out of each set of tires across your fleet. This adds up to enormous savings — and enhances resale value at the end of each vehicle’s useful life. In the meantime, the customer enjoys the best possible experience in terms of comfort, handling and assurance.

Eliminating the hassle and cost of hose reels.

With competing air machines, ceiling-hung hose reels are part of their cumbersome apparatus. A tech needs to pull the hose down and step on it, just to inflate a tire. The hose mechanism, which can break with repeated use, is also costly to replace.

The installation of streamlined Excel digital air machines eliminates this annoyance and expense. This saves you money through increased work efficiency, while decreasing equipment maintenance costs.

Eco-conscious benefits to enhance your brand.

Rental customers like to know they’ll get good gas mileage. As a result, the benefits of proper inflation are something you can promote as an adjunct selling point. While decreasing gas consumption for customers, Excel digital air machines also help reduce toxic emissions across your entire fleet. This is another reason people can feel good about renting from your company.

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